It’s a New Year…to Write!

5 Jan

As we welcome another January, another year, another new number to learn to write in the checkbook, I am reinvigorated with a spirit to write.

The new year gives me a new chance to start all over again. To get published in new places. To start that novel. To market myself more effectively.

To write more, and to write better.

In order to enhance my writing life and to push those writing goals along more strongly in the new year, I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do for quite a while. Whenever I speak at writers conferences or teach a writing class, I feel a connection with fellow writers. I also feel a camaraderie with aspiring writers who want to learn more and, as a result, succeed.

One of my main writing-related resolutions for 2012 is evidenced, then, by this website and blog. I am starting it as a way to connect with fellow and aspiring writers.

It will be a place for me to share my writing knowledge, but to also encourage fellow writers in their journey toward publication and self-gratification. It will be a place to share my own life in my own creative way; to give tips and information; to tell about my successes and failures; to meet new friends; to share the creative life with others.

I hope you’ll join me. I hope you’ll share with me.

And I hope we all have a 2012 filled with many, many good words.


One Response to “It’s a New Year…to Write!”

  1. rhemajoy January 6, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

    Cheryl, you are such an inspiration. I love how you help other people write. I am with you! I’ll be reading your posts. I know I will be so encouraged and learn so much. You are very gifted and many will be blessed by what you share!

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