The First Time

12 Mar

Do you remember the first time you rode in an airplane? Or went out on a date? Or went to a college class? Or drove a car? Or tried anything for the first time?

Firsts are always scary. They can make you a little bit sick to your stomach; they can make your palms sweat and your mouth dry; they can make you wonder why in the world you decided to do whatever it is for the first time.

But, do you know something else? The scariness of your first attempt at something can make way for exhilaration, satisfaction, even love.

So, I want you to think about something you’ve always wanted to try in regards to your writing. You’ve never tried it for the first time, though, because you’re not sure of how it’s going to go.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to start a novel, but that would really be TOO big of a first. Maybe you’ve never sent out a query letter to a magazine, because that fear of rejection is too big. Maybe you’ve never shared with anyone in your family that you want to be a writer, because that first confession might cause all sorts of other issues.

As you think about tackling your fear or insecurity about trying something in your writing life for the first time, think about the first time you did something or experienced something new in your life in general. Write a few paragraphs about how it felt to do something for the first time and how it affected you afterwards.

And then think about some “new” things you want to do with your writing. Make a list of those things (come up with at least five of them) and then commit yourself to actually accomplishing them.

Be brave.

Be confident.

Be forward-thinking.

Be a visionary.

Go for what you want to accomplish…and then revel proudly in the first time you accomplish it!


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