National Poetry Month

4 Apr

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month?

If you’re a poet, this month is the perfect time to celebrate who you are and to encourage an appreciation of poetry in others. If you’re not a poet, this month provides the perfect opportunity to reintroduce yourself to the beauty of poetry (and to, perhaps, try your hand at writing some yourself).

There are some wonderful resources out there for poets and also for others who want to celebrate National Poetry Month in some way.

Writer’s Digest online has a fantastic poetry blog that is always chock-full of great information. In April it gets even more interesting with its Poetry Challenge (a poem-writing challenge is posted each day, anyone can participate, and you can read everyone’s entries on the blog itself). Check it out HERE. from the Academy of American Poets has a wealth of wonderful information and inspiration for poets and about poetry. During April, it has all sorts of special features to celebrate. Check it out HERE (and read below for one of my favorite things found on the site right now).

The Huffington Post’s “Books” page is featuring new work from a featured poet each week this month. It’s a wonderful, accessible way to enjoy new poetry (and perhaps re-meet some poets you haven’t read lately). Read the first month’s focus on poet Eileen Myles and follow the weekly postings HERE.

Teachers use poetry regularly in their classrooms, as a way to teach creativity and encourage communication and understanding of many things. The website from Scholastic, then, is a great tool for both teachers and those who just love poetry. It has a wealth of resources on its National Poetry Month pages. Check it out HERE.

To get you thinking a little more about poetry than you might on a usual basis, consider some of these suggestions from the Academy of American Poets on how to celebrate this month in creative, poetic ways:

Read a book of poetry.

Memorize a poem.

Put poetry in unexpected places.

Bring a poem to your place of worship.

Recite a poem to your family or friends.

Start a poetry reading group.

Sign up for a poetry class.

Attend a poetry reading.

Put a poem on the pavement.

Promote public support for poetry.

And there are even more great ideas on the organization’s site. It’s worth reading…and I am definitely doing some of these things in my own life this month.

Find a way to enjoy poetry today, and stop back by here often. Plans are in the works to include interviews with a couple of poets during the month.

Happy National Poetry Month!




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