A “writerly” sense of fashion…

17 Apr

Every time I watch the television show “Castle” (if you don’t watch it, I encourage you to do so; the main character is a writer!), I feel the need to go out and purchase the shirt that Rick Castle wears whenever he accompanies the police officers on a raid or stakeout. While they are wearing their bullet-proof “Police” shirts, he is wearing a shirt that proudly declares his profession.


I love that he wears his vocation and his passion so proudly “on his sleeve.” It makes me want a shirt like that for my own.

Of course, there are other fashion options for writers…my favorite of which is the following shirt.


When I’m having a rough day or someone just rubs me a little bit the wrong way, I’m tempted to enact a little poetic revenge.




One Response to “A “writerly” sense of fashion…”

  1. Gwen Johnston April 20, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    Love this. It’s lik Taylor Swift and her music. If you know her you will end up in one of her songs. Lol!!!

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