The Joy of Typewriters

22 May

You may have noticed that sweet little pink number in the right-side column of this site. And look at those luscious Corona keys up above.

I love computers.

I love my nifty laptop.

I love the ease and the technology and all the gizmos.

But, I adore typewriters.

I’m proud to be part of a generation that still remembers having to take a required Typewriting class in junior high. (8th grade, Ramay Junior High, Fayetteville, Arkansas.)

I’m proud to be the very last Reporting class at the University of Alabama to use a typewriter (albeit electronic). The next semester, we moved on to the first generation of Macs.

Typewriters, then, hold a special place in my heart…and I’m on a quest to find a few for my own personal collection.

(If you find one for me, I’ll take it in pink please.)


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