It’s a Writing-themed Halloween!

30 Oct

My husband I love to dress up for Halloween. (Well, if truth be told…I love to dress up for Halloween; Gary goes along with whatever costume I tell him he’s wearing.)

In the past, we’ve been a Gangster and his moll; the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen; a Caveman and Cavewoman; a Dalmatian and Cruela de Ville; a pirate and his wench; and two old men.

This year, Gary and I will be dressed as a couple inspired from one of the books we both read and enjoyed this past year. Gary will be Abraham Lincoln and I will be a vampire. (And we will probably be explaining the costume the entire night long.)

Our costumes this year are inspired by a favorite book, which made me wonder: What literary characters might make for good costume inspiration? What other costumes might be perfect for the word-minded?

And what costumes might actually be related to writing or writers?

Some of my favorite literary characters would make for good costumes. Like…

~ Mrs. Havisham from Great Expectations

Seriously. How easy would she be? Get an old wedding dress from the thrift store, give yourself “old” hair (shake baby powder in it for some easy gray), and embrace your inner crazy.

~ Scout and Jem from To Kill a Mockingbird

Although you could dress up like Scout and Jem on a normal day, the perfect idea is to dress up like they did for the school play. Anyone who dresses up like Scout as a ham gets huge points.

~ Any of the the Harry Potter characters

The options for Harry Potter costumes are endless (think: Voldemort, Mad Eye Moody, Umbridge, any random students from one of the particular houses, even Hedwig). The picture above are of two of my best friends as Luna and Harry.

~ Nancy Drew

The most famous of all girl detectives has changed her look with the years, but I love the classic ND. Grab 50s attire with bobby socks, cardigan sweater, and a stylish hat. Add a large magnifiying glass and an old clock (from the first book’s title) and you’ve got it.

~ Daisy Buchanan

Sure, you could dress up like a flapper. But wouldn’t it be much better to dress up like a flapper and say you’re Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby?

But you could also go with writers for inspiration…

~ Jane Austen

Party and costume stores are filled with historical costumes. Grab a “Renassisance” style dress, add a copy of Sense and Sensibility, and you’re Jane. (To make it creepier, make her a zombie, as in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.)

~ Edgar Allen Poe

Get extra points if your partner goes as a Raven (as the couple did in this picture).

~ Mark Twain

White pants, white shirt, bowtie, suspenders, white wig, and a pipe. Instant Twain (or Samuel Clements, if you prefer).

~ Your favorite journalist

A reporter/journalist is a super-easy costume that can made with things probably already in your house: a professional outfit, steno pad, camera, microphone, and press badge. Go old-school by adding a hat with “Press” on it and an old-fashioned camera.

~ Richard Castle from “Castle”

My favorite tv novelist is Richard Castle, who likes to go to crime scenes wearing his bulletproof “WRITER” vest. Make your own vest and be the “star” of the party. (Ask your partner to dress as a policewoman, to have the Beckett to your Castle.)

~ A book cover

The ultimate Halloween costume for a book-lover would be…well…a book! And to make it extra special, be your favorite book.


If you could be any literary character for Halloween, who would you be?

If you could be any famous writer, who would you be?


One Response to “It’s a Writing-themed Halloween!”

  1. Cindy Windham Jones October 30, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

    I loved this! All my favs too.

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