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National Novel Writing Month

29 Oct

nanomoIt’s that time of year again.

It’s National Novel Writing Month–a time for aspiring novelists to finally get those words down on the page (or computer screen).

If you want to sign up for the event, which runs Nov. 1- 30, and participate in all the fun and inspiring activities that accompany it, visit the website here:

National Novel Writing Month

And I’d love to hear from those of you who have participated in the past (or may be doing it for the first time this year).


A baby’s coming…can we name her Hermione? or Flannery? or Scout?

7 Oct


My daughter just announced that she’s having a baby.

Which means I shall be a grandmother.

Which means this new girl needs to have a name that shows just how much her family loves reading and writing and authors and books.

For my daughter, then, I suggest some of these literary-inspired names:

Hermione, or Luna, or Lilly, or Ginny (because Harry Potter is the best)

Elizabeth, or Darcy, or Austen, or Bronte (because British female novelists rock)

Flannery, or Harper, or Scout, or Chopin (because we’re from the South)

Daisy, or Zelda, or Jordan, or Vienna (because…Fitzgerald)

Anne, or Charlotte, or Alice, or Matilda (because she’s going to read a lot of kids books)

Juliet, Portia, or Rosalind, or Cressida (because the Bard was pretty creative)

The options are truly endless (Hazel! Sawyer! Katniss! Jo!), which means it may be a good thing it’s not ultimately my decision.

(Which other literary names do you like? Are books seriously the best place to get baby name inspiration?)