Day Two: Disappointed

11 Feb


When was the last time you felt disappointed?

I saw disappointment first-hand today on my daughter’s face. Eleven-year-old Sydney sat in an orthopedic doctor’s office and heard the results of the x-rays on her ankle; the ligament damage would keep her from being in a competition she’d been working toward for months.

A cloud fell over her face, inch by inch, and her eyes welled up with tears.

Outside the doctor’s office, as we waited for a shuttle to get us to our parking spot, at least five people asked what had happened to her foot. When she explained the situation, the looks on their faces revealed something–they had known disappointment in their lives as well.

Disappointment is a unique emotion.

It’s not as strong as anger or grief. You don’t get extremely loud about disappointment. Instead, it’s sort of a slow build. It sits deeply in your stomach, your mind, your heart; it feels achy, sour.

But it’s something we all know.

I think about times in my life that I’ve been disappointed.

Disappointed about something (a gift, a job, a part in a group) that I didn’t get. Disappointed about a person who let me down, who wasn’t who I thought he was. Disappointed about how I myself reacted; disappointed in myself.

The thing about disappointment that hurts so much is that it takes away a dream. It’s the unfulfillment of something you worked hard for, or thought you deserved, or just wanted really bad.

So, yeah, it’s sort of like an ankle that gets hurt…and then swells…and then sits there stagnant…until you let it rest, pamper it a little bit, and patiently wait.

It also needs some support (because, ultimately an ankle–and disappointment–has to be stood upon).

After her doctor’s appointment today, Sydney showed me a little bit about that type of support.

She had pulled a sticker off of a rack by the check-out station, and as we waited for our shuttle she peeled the sticker off of its sticky back. She could tell from the look in my eyes (and, honestly, by the tone of my voice in an earlier conversation with the doctor) that I was disappointed too…that I was disappointed for her.

She peeled the sticker off and said, “Look, the back of this sticker says Smile Inc.”

She put the sticker smack dab in the middle of my shirt, and pulled me into her chest .

“And Smiles means hugs,” she said.

If you’re feeling disappointment in your life right now, I’d like you to know that you’re not alone.

Disappointment showed up here today in our house, and it may have shown up at yours too. If it didn’t today, it will tomorrow or sometime soon.

Still, two weeks (when that ankle boot will come off) is down the road, it’s on the horizon.

And I’m giving you a hug.

(Sydney is too.)






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  1. Berry February 12, 2016 at 4:28 pm #

    Awesome !!

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