Day 3: An Evening with Friends

12 Feb

There are friends.

And then there are friends.

I spent some time tonight with the latter of the two.

True, magical, forever friends.

As we gather together–friends who have known each other through big 80s hair and unwise collegiate decisions, acne and breakups, up-all-nights and searchings-of-the-soul–I mistakingly think that I am still 20 years old.

No, I (all of us) are 47.

As I’ve grown older and moved away, I’ve forged other friendships. I have new best friends and soul sisters who I love dearly.

And yet, these are the ones who have been here the longest.

When we are together, time slips into the distance and memories are as if they happened yesterday. And I’m reminded that the best friends:

  1. Remember all the inside jokes.
  2. Forget the ex-boyfriends you want them to forget.
  3. Make you laugh so much that your sides hurt.
  4. (And things come out of your nose.)
  5. Wore the worst bridesmaids dresses. For you.
  6. Answered the phone, always, in the middle of the night.
  7. Came up with excuses for your mother when she called in the middle of the night.
  8. Helped you figure out how to change your first born’s diaper.
  9. Understand that there’s really no good reason to attend that upcoming high school reunion. Because this group is your reunion.
  10. Pretended like the across-campus cute-boy stalking was completely normal.
  11. Appreciated equally your love for The Cure and Rick Astley.
  12. Know about every one of your firsts.
  13. Have attended all the funerals.
  14. Quote all the movie lines.
  15. Talk lengthily about God, and realizes it’s okay to believe differently.
  16. Sometimes just shake their heads.
  17. And also know when to tell you to shape up.
  18. Went on the best beach trips together.
  19. Went on the worst beach trips together.
  20. Have shared experiences of stolen drums, cigarettes, and rooftop graffiti.
  21. Wonder how we got this old.
  22. Wonder how we stayed so young.
  23. Are always ready for a martini, or a coffee, or (always) more food.
  24. Celebrate the triumphs, mourn the losses.
  25. Feel sorry for people who don’t have this.friends9friends7friends5friends1friends2friends11friends3friends4friends8friends10friends6



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