Day 5: Random thoughts on love (or: Happy Valentine’s Day)

14 Feb


(Just as an update: I’m into Day 5 of my Lenten writing journey. I’ve vowed to myself–and everyone holding me accountable–to write every single day during the 40 days of Lent. This time span is, of course, supposed to nurture my soul and bring me closer to Christ. Some of this writing will; other of it will, I’ve already figured out, just come out of my mind and onto the paper, without regard for what it means spiritually. I know, though, that writing is always a spiritual exercise for me. It nurtures me, feeds me, teaches me. So, here I am. So far, so good.)

Day 5: Random thoughts on love

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Whatever it may mean to you (posting selfies of you and your flowers; railing against the greeting card industry for creating a made-up holiday; cuddling with your special someone; enjoying chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate), I have some random ramblings on the subject of love.

Get ready for some great big gobs of wisdom…

Love is patient, love is kind, it is not envious, or self-seeking. It does not boast, neither does it incite anger. It is unconditional, never failing.

Is it okay to love the one you’re with, if you can’t be with the one you love?

Does love really bite?

(Sorry. Classic rock music on the way from church.)

Love can sometimes look like a donut. Or a cuddly kitty.

You can’t really teach young ones about love. They have to (sadly) learn about it on their own.

Speaking of young ones: If you have them and think they won’t date until their 30, think again.

I love seeing old couples holding hands.

Love makes the world go round, right? So does gravity.

My favorite first date involved Italian food. I spilled marinara sauce all down the front of my shirt.

If you find someone who loves your clumsy self, hold on to that person.

Love is for you. Love is for me. Love is for everyone.

I once asked someone how they’d made their long love last. A sense of humor and whiskey, they told me.

Futile the winds/ to a heart in port / done with the compass / done with the chart.

(Gosh. I still love Emily Dickinson, my junior high crush.)

Love takes time. Love can come in an instant.

Do you ever look at a stranger (the man passing you on the interstate, the woman waiting in line at the drugstore), and wonder who they’ve loved? Has there been passion, and joy, and adventure?

Love at first sight? It happens when you first set eyes on your new child.

It can also happen on an airplane. (True story: friends who met on a flight, went on first date after arrival, got married.)

Wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva… So tweasure your wuv.

(Watch ‘Princess Bride’ this very instant if you’ve somehow missed out on it in your life.)

Love changes as you grow older. And that’s okay.

Love is a verb.





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