Day 8: To binge or not to binge

17 Feb

gilmoregirlsTo binge or not to binge.

That is the question.

I recently discovered that an old favorite television show was returning to Netflix for a four-series revival. Obviously, then, I need to go back and watch as much of “The Gilmore Girls” as I possibly can.

Thank goodness for Netflix, and Hulu, and Amazon and all those other streaming services (which I, of course, subscribe to–along with my DVR and on-demand).

Without them, I couldn’t catch up on all those “Gilmore Girls” episodes. I also couldn’t rewatch all of “Fringe” in the span of two months, or get enraptured with “Friday Night Lights” just because my daughter says it’s the best show ever, or watch “Jessica Jones” in its entirety in a week with little sleep, or get stuck on a “Mary Tyler Moore” loop one endless night not long ago.

I am now able to binge.

But is that a good thing?

I could certainly do a lot better things with my time. I have so many books to still read in my lifetime (War and Peace, I’m looking at you!), and I should probably play more games with my children, and my husband might enjoy cuddling with me a little more often.

On the other side of this coin, though, is a need to relax and do little-to-nothing.

Watching television for four hours straight could be construed as wasteful; but it could also be construed as rejuvenating. (I’m right, right?)

Maybe the trick is to find a good balance somewhere in between the two extremes.

I’ll watch another episode of “The X-Files,” and then I’ll go make a nice homemade dinner for my family.


Not binging.

I’ll get caught up on the last three “The Good Wife”s, and then I’ll read a chapter from the Gospel of Matthew.


Not binging.

I’ll go down the rabbit hole of endless “Saturday Night Live” episodes, and then I’ll go outside for a walk.


Not binging.

If I repeat it enough times, it might actually work.

Maybe if I go away for a few hours and think about this plan, it might take hold.

But if a new episode of “The Flash” interrupts my ponderings? I’ll relax and rejuvenate and think about it some more afterwards.







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