Day 11: Lament

20 Feb

(My minister asked me to write a short ‘lament’ after reading and reflecting on what he would be using for the Scripture reading in church this.

We are celebrating Boy Scout Sunday at church–our congregation hosts a really large, active Scout pack– so he wanted us to do something on ‘God and country’ that might be a little bit unique.

My lament focused on ‘country,’ while three other members wrote and read laments on ‘community,’ ‘church,’ and ‘world.’

The following is what I came up with.)

A lament upon reading Luke 13: 34-35.

America, oh America.

Jesus says: I’m trying to get your attention. Look over here.

I’m busy healing the sad, feeding the hungry, bringing breath to dead lives.

While you…distracted…trade compassion for celebrity, the substantive for the shiny, the peaceful for the popular, the unifying for the ugly.

Here I am, Jesus says.

I want you to run into my arms. I want to give you a big hug. I want to welcome you into all I have going on here.

But you don’t even notice me.

You don’t stop to see my face in this crowd, Or to hear to voice in the cacophony.

I don’t want to wander away from you, Out of your reach.

I simply want you to hear me say ‘I love you,’ and for me to hear it in return.




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