Day 14: My baby’s having a baby

23 Feb

My first baby–the daughter I gave birth to when I was a mere 23-years-old–is now 23-years-old herself.

And having a baby of her own.

McKenna is set to have my first granddaughter–already given the fantabulous name of Ramsey Cate–on March 28 (or sooner, as McKenna’s doctor expects).

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to accompany McKenna on a lot of her doctor visits and prenatal classes and hospital visits and baby-item shopping trips.

Last week I went with her to a “pain medication in delivery” class and a super sweet baby shower thrown by her college and sorority friends.

Just this week I went with her to a doctor appointment and a tour of her hospital’s labor and delivery area.

IMG_0362I feel blessed to get these opportunities to spend time with McKenna as she awaits Ramsey Cate, and to try and give her as much advice as I can.

And, even more blessedly, she seems truly glad to have my input and insight and collaboration.

As I look at McKenna preparing for Ramsey Cate’s birth, I am reminded of the time not so long ago when I prepared for her arrival.

McKenna was a sweet surprise to a couple who wasn’t really planning on starting a family so soon.

I had never even babysat a baby, and I don’t recall ever having changed a diaper before her (although I could be merely blocking that memory out).

I was scared to death of giving  birth.

I was scared to death of being a mother.

And I know that McKenna feels those same things. She’s excited…but it’s also just so overwhelming and (let’s be honest) scary sometimes.

So, what do I say to her?

Well, I say…

Look at us.

Here we are.

I was terrified of holding you and feeding you…and then sending you to kindergarten…and then sending you off to college.

But I did it.

And loved it





You, my first baby, will be a wonderful mother.

(But, also: please have an epidural. You arrived into this world naturally, without medication, and I’ve learned since–with those sisters of yours–that epidurals are a magical thing.)



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