Day 16: Three dreams

25 Feb

I woke up this morning with a really vivid dream from the  night before in mind.

Which made me think of three dreams that I had at different points in my life.

And yet I remember them, years later, in exact detail.

  1. I’m maybe six-years-old, and I have this dream in recurring fashion. My mother and I are running through a dark metropolis. Tall skyscrapers rise up around us. Shadows linger in every corner. And she and I are running…just running and running and running. We hold hands as we run through the streets, looking over our shoulder at whatever is chasing us. But we never do see who it is.
  2. The year is 1984, and the Summer Olympics are going strong. During the weeks that involved my favorite part of the entire Games–the gymnastics competition–I had a dream that male gymnast Tim Daggett and I were close friends. There was nothing romantic between us, but we were good friends who hung out.  Of all the celebrities to have a dream about, why in the world did I dream about someone so low-profile as him? It was very strange and humorous to me, but any time I would see Daggett years later doing gymnastics commentary on television I swear it was like I knew him. (I heard him covering the Olympics decades later and that dream still came right back to me.)
  3. I had a dream about a year ago that I looked down into my hands and it was full of capped teeth falling out of my mouth. The dream was very short–maybe 30 seconds long–but it was so vivid and strange. I later learned that teeth dreams were some of the most common, and that they meant something. ‘Losing teeth’ dreams relate to loss you’ve experienced, and loss you were fearful of. I had recently experienced two very difficult losses of close friends, so it made total sense.

Why do certain dreams stick with us? How can I remember every detail of a dream from decades ago?

And why do I go weeks without remembering any of my dreams?

I know that dreams are powerful…that they give insight into what’s going on inside my head and subconscious. They truly are some of the most amazing and mysterious things about being a human.


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