Day 18: Today I’m writing lazy

27 Feb

I have no good ideas today to write about.

But, I’ve had some good things in my life lately.

My writing exercise for today, then, will be a lazy list of good things:

  • Being able to go with my daughter to her doctor appointments, and sharing in her joy and  nervousness about Ramsey Cate’s arrival
  • Sydney getting the all-clear from her orthopedic doctor on her sprained ankle
  • Softball
  • College basketball
  • An unbelievably delicious meal of grits, greens, barbecue pork, and onion strips
  • Date night with Gary
  • A good glass of wine
  • Laughter
  • Friends
  • A surprise visit from my college daughter
  • A glimpse of Spring
  • Not having much money, but making it anyway
  • A fabulous church family
  • Staying up late reading
  • Work that is rewarding, and fun
  • Awesome parents
  • Cupcakes
  • The promise of new things

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