Day 19: Jesus was a radical

28 Feb


I’m reading the book Rediscover Jesus as part of my Lenten season this year, and a certain passage really spoke to me today.

It says:

“Jesus was a radical. He reminds us at every turn that God’s ways are not a slight variation of man’s ways, but that they are in fact radically different. Embrace any one of Jesus’ teachings seriously and some of the people around you are bound to think that you are taking it a little too far. His teachings don’t invite us to the mediocre middle. They invite us to a radical love.

This radical love is at the heart of the Gospel. There are of course spectacular displays, but most of all Jesus invites us to pass this radical love along to others through the daily events of our lives. At every turn Jesus mentors us in this radical love.”

How did Jesus love in a radical way? What did he actually do?

Well, he…

Ate with sinners.

Told people to love, not judge.

Healed the outcasts.

Ministered to his friends.

Ministered to strangers.

Accepted the little children.

Told a thief he would be with Him in paradise.

So, what can I do to model that sort of love?

Maybe, I should…

Speak in love, not in anger.

Be friendly to everyone I encounter in my daily routine.

Work to fight injustice.

Feed the hungry.

Fight for freedom.

Don’t gossip or speak ill of others.


Do random acts of kindness.

Lift up children and youth.

Respect my elders.

Be grateful.







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