Day 23: Time flies

3 Mar

img12 img14

Let’s see.

I’m guessing these pictures are from 2006 or 2007

Around ten years or so ago that McKenna, Delaney, and Sydney looked like this.

I remember the day well.

It was a warm Spring afternoon (somewhat like today, which was a beautiful 77 degrees in March; the first hint of Spring in the air), and I asked the girls to go out into the backyard for an impromptu photo shoot.

I remember telling Sydney to just ‘act like herself,’ and she proceeded to be the perfect little almost three-year-old.

You can almost see in the girls’ facial expressions–in their eyes, almost–what they were thinking and feeling.

Teenage McKenna is a little bit enamored with her youngest sister, but also a little bit ‘put-out’ with having to spend some extra time with each other. That’s how girls that age are…in love with their family one moment, a little perturbed with them the next.

Pre-teen Delaney is loving on Sydney, and also imagining “I don’t think I was ever that silly.”

And Sydney? Well, like I said: she’s being a pretty perfect toddler. Laughing, giggling, hamming it up.

I can still see all three of my girls today in the girls in these pictures.

They are still all beautiful; and their personalities still shine through.  They remain enamored and in love with each other, yet also have moments of sisterly aggravation.

When you look at pictures like this, time truly does fly.

McKenna is about to be a Mom herself; she’s about to embark on the adventure that is captured in this photograph with a little one of her own.

Delaney is a college sophomore; a few months away from 20. She has become an amazing young woman…a study in intelligence and complexity.

Sydney is in fifth grade. She is a scholar, an artist, an athlete, an old soul…and still pretty silly.

And I’m still behind that camera (although not as literally as I used to be; I don’t capture things quite as well on film as I once did). I’m watching it all, taking it all in, remembering every little detail.

Because, before I know it, ten more years will have passed.




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