Day 25: The (angry, ugly) elephant in the room

5 Mar


Well, he’s not really an elephant.

Because everyone is talking about him.

But, still the elephant imagery works.

He’s big and fascinating, and he represents the Republican party right now.

But, he’s also extremely polarizing and (in my opinion) extremely dangerous.

(I like elephants a whole lot better, in fact.)

Donald Trump is everywhere these days in the news. You just can’t get away from him, try as you might.

He’s argued about on social media; he’s parodied on ‘Saturday Night Live’; he’s analyzed on newscasts; he’s lampooned and vilified.

And, then, for some still unimaginable reason he continues to be lauded and voted for.

How did this happen?

How did we get to a point where a misogynist, racist egotist is hailed by so many people as the savior of a new, ‘great again’ America?

I get the idea that people are frustrated with the way politics have gone for decades; they don’t like the people in power.

I also understand somewhat the fascination with someone who ‘tells it like it is’ or ‘isn’t afraid to speak his mind.’

My problem comes with an individual who is so different that he won’t be able to behave in a presidential manner.

My problem comes with an individual who speaks his mind in hateful ways.

Have we really gotten to the point where we are voting for a man who makes fun of disabled people and blames a woman’s menstrual cycle for her strong personality? who curses and calls people names? who threatens to sue journalists for printing things about himself that he doesn’t like? who wants to support the killing of terrorists’ family members (a war crime, the last time I checked)?

Really, America?

Is this the best we can do?

If you are a Republican fed up with your leader for the last eight years, you have plenty of other other choices among your candidates.

You have other choices who appear to be able to carry themselves in a reasonably mature manner. Other men who don’t support hate and bigotry and violence.

Select a party nominee who will fill the office of president with dignity and decorum and maturity.

If you are a Democratic voter, do the same thing.

Take this job seriously.

You may think that your election check mark is a way to snub your nose at what you see wrong with America.

But, really, it’s a chance to use wisdom and discernment to make a choice that will move us forward, not backward.

Donald Trump, I wholeheartedly believe, will set us backward. And we’ll all be embarrassed by the choice we made.






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