Day 26: A day off

6 Mar

Growing up Southern Baptist, I never celebrated Lent.

I loved Easter, but I never appreciated the full pageantry of the Easter season…of Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Holy Friday, Easter Sunday.

When I became Methodist, I jumped head-long into the ways of Lent.

I fasted and gave up stuff and did things like this Lenten writing journey (although, actually, this is the first year I’ve done anything this extensive).

It was a good ten years into the Lenten experience, though, when I discovered that Sunday was a “day off” from the fasting you were doing for the season.

So, if I was giving up sweets, I could “cheat” on Sunday and eat a candy bar; if I wasn’t drinking alcohol, I could have a glass of wine on Sunday.

I remember feeling a little cheated myself when I learned this after a number of years dutifully keeping true to my Lenten promises.

All this is to say that today is Sunday…so I’m taking a day off from writing.

And yet, lo and behold, I’ve sat here and written a nice little entry.

Sorta like all those years that I kept on, because I didn’t know any better.


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