Day 27: It’s All About the C

7 Mar

For today’s writing exercise, I decided to once again go to an online source for creative writing prompts.

This is what I found (in an entry on the awesome Writer’s Digest website).

“Write a 10-line poem where every line begins with the first letter of your first name.”

I have a feeling this will be quite difficult, but I shall give it a try.


Captured by thoughts that won’t let go

cloying, clawing

craving my attention.

Cacophonies of sound that won’t ease up

crashing, clanging

commanding my mind.

Certainty turns to worry.

Confidence turns to fear.

Can I do this?

Can I break free?



(I wrote that quickly and with quite a bit of ease, actually. It’s not really that good. And yet it really sums up a struggle I’ve had a lot in the last year or so; I’m trying to remain confident in myself and to be hopeful. I don’t want to lose my sense of optimism. I want to capture worry and fear, and kick them out of my heart. This poem says something about that. It’s messy and the words aren’t all right, but it still rings true for me. And each of the lines start with C. That’s something.)




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