Day 28: I thank you, Cadbury

8 Mar

Easter celebrates the resurrection of our Savior.

But it’s also…just a little bit…about all things Cadbury.

This season provides us with the very best that candy has to offer.

The candy we get is better than at Christmastime, better than Halloween, better than Valentine’s Day.

The season gives us Reese’s eggs, and those lovely luscious Peeps, and all  manner of Herseys-turned-Easter-shaped-goodness.

But, more than anything, it gives us the Cadbury creme egg.

And the Cadbury mini egg.


I don’t know who you are, Cadbury.

I don’t know where you came from, Cadbury.

(I could do some quick Googling and discover the Cadbury story, I’m sure.)

But I thank you.

I thank you for that creamy filling  inside your chocolate egg. I bite into the thick outside chocolate layer only to find another, better interior layer of–get this!–fake, creamy, decadent, pretend “yolk.”

It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

And then.


I thank you for those perfect little mini eggs that first capture me with a crunchy outer shell only to discover that the chocolate on the inside is the perfect flavor and consistency to make me forget what I just ate.

It’s like an M&M. But way, way, way, way better.

I would challenge you, Cadbury, to take all of this to another level. To add more to your egg repertoire.

But I don’t really think I could handle it.



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