Day 29: A part of the answer

9 Mar

Last night at church, one of our pastors gave a prayer and eventually turned to people who were sick or hurting in some way.

He said something to the effect of how they needed answers to their struggles.

And then he said something that so struck me:

“Help me be a part of their answer,” he prayed.

Praying is awesome, of course.

But praying, hand in hand with DOING SOMETHING, is super awesome.

When we pray for healing and wholeness for a situation…whether it’s for a physical sickness, or an emotional struggle, or even for the hungry people we see on the other side of the world…we can make those prayers so much stronger if we put feet to our praying hands.

So, I’m asking myself:

How can I help be a part of someone’s answer today, and this week, and this month,

and really for the rest of my life?

I don’t want to practice my piety for piety’s sake.

I want to be part of the help that a real Christian should be striving for and actively seeking after.

Help me, Lord, be a part of







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