“Virtual Handouts,” Part Deux

22 Mar

Here’s the second portion of my session at the Mountain Valley Writers Conference, in which I talked about how to find markets for my article ideas.

(P.S.: It’s not brain surgery. Or rocket science.

Getting published just takes some research, and time, and energy, and more energy.

Learn as much as you can about the process, then go for it.)


Marketing 101:

Finding places to publish, and writing query letters


How do I find markets for my articles?


Read regularly


Stay informed on industry news


Use the Writer’s Market


Use writing guidelines


Follow marketing websites


Use the actual publications


Use social media


Establish relationships with editors and other writers


Do multiple marketing





Marketing Checklist for each of your possible ideas


My idea:

Type of article into which this idea might develop:

Audiences who might be interested in my idea:

Categories of magazines that members of these audiences read:

Possible target magazines for this article:



How do I write a query letter?

A query letter is a one-page letter that attempts to sell your article idea to a magazine editor. Query letters are better than complete manuscripts because they save time for both you and the editor.


  1. An attention-getting introduction



  1. Information about your proposed article



  1. Information about yourself



  1. Closing



*Submit your query by email unless otherwise specified.


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