On “Hamilton”… and writing

31 Mar

My youngest daughter and I are obsessed with “Hamilton.”


(Note the capital letters?)

We have watched hijacked DVD versions of the Broadway production, have memorized every line from every song, and pretty much listen to it nonstop in the car.

(If you pull up next to us, you get a nice ear- and eye-ful, for sure.)

I love history and especially the Revolutionary War period, so that’s part of the appeal.

And I love Broadway musicals. Rent, Phantom, Annie, Once, Godspell…too many to count.

But with “Hamilton,” the story, the lyrics, the raps, the music are just so incredibly inspired that I feel like it’s on a totally different level.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius, it’s pretty clear.

So, when my daughter wanted some birthday cupcakes and cookies for her big 13th birthday this last week, there wasn’t much option as to what she had to have.

“Hamilton” or nothing at all.

So, we had cookies and cupcakes..and I made her a shirt with just one of the many awesome quotes from the show.

It says, ‘I’m not throwing away my shot,” and it fits the theme of the entire play.

Hamilton was all about taking advantage of his opportunities.

And I feel like that’s a pretty awesome message for my new teenager to hear.

And for me to hear.

And for you–as a writer (and, heck, as a human) to hear.

Let’s not throw away our shots.

(Let’s also be “young, scrappy, and hungry” and “looking for a mind at work” and–the best for us–“writing like we’re running out of time.)

In case you need to learn more about “Hamilton”…

The official site

5 lessons on creativity from Lin-Manuel Miranda

Meet Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton, via Biography.com




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