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Friday Links

24 May

I hope all of you are having a productive week of writing, and that you are looking forward to a long Memorial Day weekend.

To help you finish your writing week off with strength and to guide you into the weekend, I’d like to share some informative and inspirational links. They cover a wide range of writing topics, but all have something good to say.

~ If you want to write a novel (or, perhaps, have already completed one) and are dumbfounded by the process of finding an agent, check out this interview with novelist Cassie Alexander on how it worked for her. Click here for the article from Writer’s Digest magazine…”How I Got My Agent: Cassie Alexander”

~ If you are reading this blog, chances are that you are a lover of all things Web-related. The Internet is a source of great information, but there is SO much to be found online that it can oftentimes be overwhelming. The Webby Awards are given each year by members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and focus on such varied categories as Best Political Blog, Best Visual Design, Best Writing, and much, much more. Click here for the list of nominees (and links to them)… “16th Annual Webby Award Nominees and Winners”

~ Are you a poet, or someone who simply loves to read good poetry? It can sometimes be intimidating to read and/or write poetry, especially when you consider all the different stylistic elements that come into play. (from the Academy of American Poets) has a handy list of poetry-related terms in its latest issue. Click here to read it…“Poetry Glossary”

~ Do you ever feel bombarded by a voice inside your head that says you’re not good enough? Or that questions your writing dreams? Every writer has had moments of doubt, but you cannot let the criticism you heap on yourself take over. An editor at Psych Central shares her insights into how to  end such battles with yourself in the latest issue of The Writer magazine. Click here to read this short yet insightful article…“How to Battle Your Inner Critic”

Rainy Day Writing Links

26 Jan

In  my part of the world this morning, it is very rainy and gloomy and very un-January like. I’d like nothing better, on days like this, than to sit all day in front of my computer, wandering aimlessly from site-to-site…watching youtube randomness, pinning things onto my Pinterest wall, reading articles from my favorite online magazines, and watching old television shows on Hulu. (I did, seriously, just finish watching the pilot episode of “The Wonder Years.” Talk about good writing.)

To help you make it through your rainy–or sunny, windy, or snowy, depending on your geography–Thursday, I’m hooking you up with some great online links. These should keep you adequately entertained and inspired for the next couple of hours. (And, if all else fails, go get schooled by Kevin and Winnie all over again.)

Just click on the links.

“10 Ways to Tell if Your Story Should be a Memoir or a Novel”

“How to Write a Great Non-Fiction Book Proposal”

Read the winning stories from The Writer’s 2011 Short Story contest

“When You Must Write  a Poem–Sell it!”

“5 Online Communities for Writers”

“A tall order, gramatically” (told only the way Dave Barry can tell it)

Have a great, writing-filled day!

Tuesday Links

10 Jan

Good Tuesday Afternoon (and Happy Championship Morning-After)!

I thought I’d start a tradition of posting a list of motivational, inspirational, and informational articles on every Tuesday from here-on-out. For your enjoyment, click on these links and get your writing-themed fix:

“Six Simple Ways to Reboot Your Writing Routine”— Some wonderful tips for getting recharged and motivated for the new year (from Writer’s Digest online).

“Interviews with Remarkable Writers”--The BBC has some fascinating interviews with some of modern literature’s best writers. (And, I don’t know about you, but I get so inspired by hearing the stories of other writers.)

“10 Tips for New Bloggers”--Blogging is a fantastic way to get started writing, and blogger/online freelancer Susan Johnston has some great ideas.

“Face Up: 2011 Year in Review”–Folio Magazine lists their favorite magazine covers of the year.

Mystery Writers of America--If you’re interested in writing mysteries, this is a great place to start.