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One Response to “Contact Me”

  1. Emily Akin October 18, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Cheryl, this is the fourth attempt (since June) to contact you about your feature writing book.

    I ordered a copy through the SCWC mail-out. I want to review it on my Blog4Writers, and I need a little information on different ways people can order the book.

    I could not find it on Amazon. Is it listed on any retail site? Do you have it set up on Paypal?

    I’ll use a link to the post on your blog where you mention that they can order directly from you. There’s no mention of payment methods in that post,

    So here I am ready to help you promote your book, and I can’t get a reply from you. I’ve used the e-mail address you give on your blog. I’ve messaged you through Facebook. I’ve even e-mailed and asked that you be forwarded the message. No reply.

    If the book will be strictly a textbook, I will just forget about reviewing it on my blog. I would appreciate hearing from you about it.


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