Writing/Editing Services

Editing, Writing, Consultation, & Speaking Services

I’m available to edit your manuscript (articles and book-length); write original copy; and consult on marketing plans.


Editing services include general proofreading for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, and also in-depth editing for such things as transitions, general flow, and content. I read your article or book manuscript with the eyes of both a reader and an editor.

Feature article (up to 2000 words in length): $25

Book manuscript (non-fiction and novels): $4 per page (with discounts as the page number increases)

(I do NOT edit poetry or children’s book manuscipts.

Turn-around time averages 48 hours for articles, and one month on book manuscripts.)

Consultation Services

Consultation services provide you with an in-depth analysis of the marketing options for your article or book. It will include a list of specific markets to which to consider sending your manuscript. This service is designed to get you ready to send your mansucript to either a publisher or agent.

Writing Services

I’m available for assignments at going rates, and also have a wide variety of reprints available on such topics as family and parenting, inspirational, writing, and travel. Email me for specific information.

Speaking & Teaching Services

One of my favorite things to do is inspire and instruct other writers (both aspiring and published). If you’d like me to speak at your writing group, workshop, or conference, email me for more information and for a list of popular topics. Rates vary and are negotiable.

Additional Services

Other available services include: query letter writing/consultation, book proposal writing/consultation, and editing various projects (essays, cover letters, direct marketing, press releases, etc.).

Email me at cherylswray@gmail.com for questions or more information.

My goal is to provide high-quality services at a very reasonable price. I WANT you to succeed, and I pride myself on getting you ready to do so!


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